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edition 26

Inspired by countless trips to the United States, extreme cashmere created a new edition that was influenced by the city that never sleeps. Edition 26 follows the different neighbourhoods and their particular vibes such as the Upper East Side, Lower East Side, Brooklyn, Times Square and the Bronx.

The captivating campaign, which we of course shot in New York with the talented Dan McMahon, is a testament to the city’s unique crowd. Through the art of streetcasting, we met extraordinary individuals from all walks of life. We didn’t just photograph them; we listened to their stories, connecting the essence of the city and its diverse habitants.

Gemma is an actress who was in New York for Fashion Week. What she loves most is the novelty of it all and the steam coming out of the grates on the street... “It feels like I’m in a movie!”

Irena is from Russia. She moved to New York for a job in visual communications. Her morning routine? Getting a coffee at Dimes.

We met Max in Seward Park where he practices tai chi seven days a week. Sadly, his best friend and tai chi partner passed away and Max couldn’t get himself to practice for a long time, but he has decided to restart now.

Sayenne moved to New York for university and now works as a membership development representative, but she always wanted to live in the city. She told us that she grew up in a place where there was always a lot of judgment and pressure to fit in, so she always felt out of place. “I wanted to be in a community with people who are accepting, compassionate and eager to care for one another. This city led me to people who empower me to be myself, encourage me to always be better and love me without judgement.”

Hoang is a set and soft goods stylist. He has lived in New York for over a decade and loves almost every minute of it. “The city really is so full of beautiful things and incredible people.”

Lola and Paige are best friends who both work in film production and both live in Richwood. They could never leave New York.

When Tommaso, originally from Italy, got the opportunity to move with his firm to New York he immediately took the chance to leave Milan as he wanted to discover the coolest city on the planet. He told us he loves the intensity and the authentic vibes you can get from each neighbourhood. “Everybody can be themselves without being out of place”.

Ramon is a basketball player and born and raised in New York City. He’s in love with the atmosphere the city has to give along with the diversity. Ramon is expecting his first child this month and his goal is to be the best father he can be for his daughter.

Anthony is originally from Australia but now lives in New York.
He is a gardener and is responsible for most rooftop gardens in the city. We met him while he was studying flowers at Central Park.

We met Candace walking down Broadway, a place that has special memories for her. Her work has taken her all over the
USA and elsewhere. She designed make-up and special effects for several big Broadway shows, TV networks and magazines such as CATS, Saturday Night Live and Rolling Stone. New York is a such vital place to live, with its diverse cultures, languages, art, and food. New Yorkers banded together during 9/11, knowing that we live in a truly special community.

Jason, born and raised in New York, is a good friend of Dan. He is also a photographer and he just came from a meeting with a newspaper when we met him on Times Square. Jason likes to surf in Rockaway or Long Island on the weekends. Why he loves New York? The people and the sense of humour that exists here.

Rachelle began her acting career in NYC and moved to LA where she lived most of the time. However, she returns to NYC whenever she’s able to and she even describes the city as the center of the planet. Her fantasy is to live in both cities in the future. “I love NYC for its easy access to all forms of creativity. You step outside your door and within minutes you can enjoy theatre, museums, fashion, great food and very colourful people. Humanity is in all forms!”

We met Ishmael in Madison Square Park. He comes here almost every day to skate and hangs out before he goes to work. That day the temperature was insanely high, but he didn’t mind and explained to us that he was used to modelling as he walked a lot of shows during Fashion Week.

This is a man called Wonderful. He has Jamaican roots but grew up in Harlem where we met him and shot these beautiful pictures.

Caitlin, a violinist originally from London, moved to New York 3 years ago after gaining admission to the Manhattan School of Music. She loves the city for its ability to transport you to totally different worlds within just a few blocks. “New York is so culturally diverse and musically rich”.

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