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weltweit kostenfreier versand über €400.
sie erhalten eine stofftasche bei bestellungen über €800.

no limits no concessions

extreme cashmere doesn’t follow the traditional fashion cycle, instead we build an ongoing collection suitable for all seasons and all occasions. Our clothing is genderless and unisize, meant for everybody and every body, as we believe in finding the perfect shape for your body and style rather than looking at sizes. Our main interest is creating and producing long lasting garments containing classic styles that surprise with colour and a keen attention to detail.

There is a dedicated and talented team behind extreme cashmere, composed of both young talent and those with years of knowledge and experience. Together, our energy is combined to make your favourite cashmere item, one that will endure for many years to come. As a product focused fashion brand, we continue to embrace tradition as we refresh and reinvent how cashmere is worn while refusing to make concessions.

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