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st. moritz

The world of extreme cashmere arrived in St. Moritz as we took over SUPER MOUNTAIN where we hosted a large variety of cosy, all-cashmere knitwear. 
Our stay in St. Moritz started with a special weekend. We hosted an aperitivo at SUPER MOUNTAIN followed by a warming dinner at Clavadatsch that ended with some spontaneous dancing to good old disco classics. Being slightly hungover, but ready for a new day on the slopes, the extreme cashmere team and friends of the brand went up the hill and sat down on the sunny terras of Trutz - which was taken over by our iconic cashmere mannequins, pillows, blankets and checkered tablecloths - for a lunch with Rösti, Nüsslisalat and of course apfelstrudel as dessert.
For our winter campaign we captured local skiers in their natural habitat: showing off their skills on the white slopes of St. Moritz.
photography: anne dokter

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