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edition 25

we created a wardrobe inspired by couture silhouettes and eveningwear but translated to wearable and comfortable garments that you can incorporate into your everyday life. edition 25 offers a range of pieces that can be dressed up or down, inspiring you to wear cashmere from the office to the red carpet.

the colour palette stems from an exploration of traditional couture textiles and codes. we introduced two new colours: dragon (a bright and deep pink) and maple (a show-stopping orange). they are both striking and classy at the same time.

the campaign is shot in a 19th century home in paris that was the former home of writer françoise sagan, starring three 80+ year-old ladies representing beauty of all ages. the stars of the campaign are:

marijke, saskia’s mother who has always had a big love for fashion. she used to own a boutique in rotterdam and does look as equally chique in daily life;

trudy, who has lived in paris since 1963 and has been best friends with marijke for over 50 years;

and beatrice, the owner of the house that is the decor of the campaign. we met her a year ago, as the ground floor of the house is our summer getaway during paris fashion week.  

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