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altering cashmere garments

is a pair of extreme cashmere trousers, a dress, or another item too long for you? the length of some of our cashmere clothes can be adjusted. have the item tailored by your local dressmaker or come by our amsterdam showroom and we cut your extreme cashmere garment for you. alternatively, read below how you can alter your cashmere garment at home.

keep in mind before you start

  • cutting garments is irreversible and we do not accept returns on items that have been cut.
  • read the full instructions first before cutting (hand stitching is required).
  • you can only cut the following extreme cashmere garments: run, trousers, zubon light, journey, rush, weird, may, minus, link, tshirt, vshirt, anne.
  • you can only cut in a straight, horizontal line.
  • if you cut one of our cashmere garments, you will change the look of the hem to a raw-cut finish. cutting might also change the silhouette of the

how to cut your cashmere garment

try on your item to determine your desired length and mark it with pins or chalk. take into consideration that the hem will curl up a bit after cutting, so leave on some extra length if you’re in doubt. it’s generally better to cut off too little at first and if need be, cut again, rather than cutting off too much.

take a pair of sharp fabric scissors and cut the garment carefully in a straight line.

when you cut through a seam, make sure that you afterwards hand stitch that point to close the seam again and prevent it from unraveling.


if you have more questions about tailoring extreme cashmere pieces, call us at +31 6 15524990, send an email to, or start a chat in the bottom right corner. we’re happy to help!

looking for information on how to wash and care for cashmere clothes? click here to read our cashmere care guide to make your favourite garment last a lifetime.