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care instructions

1. washing

cashmere loves water

Wash regularly in a high quality machine on a wool program (30C at 600rpm)

wash max three garments per cycle, using wool detergent and no softener

wash each garment in a separate bag or pillow case

2. drying

after washing, dry the garment laying flat on a towel

avoid hanging the garments to dry, it prevents the garment from stretching out

3. pilling and ironing

you can remove excess pilling by using a cashmere comb

the pilling will lessen after removing the fuzz a few times

iron at low temperature, using a thin cloth between the iron and the cashmere

4. storing and resting

store the garment folded in a drawer or on a shelf. It will lose its shape when hanging.

after wearing cashmere for a day it is best to let it rest for a day or two after

5. cutting

the length of some styles can be adjusted by cutting the hem. bring to your local dress maker or ask us for advice.